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We got two size of inserts
Diameter is 19mm and Height is 16mm

Diameter is 15.5mm and Height is 14.5 mm

These FRESH new ruby inserts is nothing short of jaw-dropping.  We gotta say, the hype behind ruby is real.  The taste is impeccable and despite their high price tag, these inserts compare in quality to others that cost $400+.

They come in the common insert size of 19mm outer diameter and come in at 16mm high.  These will pair up perfectly with our 25mm diameter bangers such as the Flat Tops, White Bottoms, or Thick Bottoms.

If you’re pairing this insert up with a banger you already own, don’t sweat it if it’s not a perfect fit.  Our hassle-free return policy will allow you to return the insert free of charge.  And for a word to the wise, heat these inserts up while they’re inside your banger and avoid putting flame directly on the ruby.  These steps will prevent thermal shock or cracking.

Recommended cleaning methods: Heat cleaning while still in nail, applying even flame all around the bucket, do not focus on one spot for more that 5 seconds. Or soak in ISO/your favorite glass cleaner ONCE THE INSERT HAS REACHED ROOM TEMPERATURE.

Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solution while your gemstone is hot, It can cause thermal shock and crack it. Use a dry cotton swab and heat to clean.

Do Not apply a direct flame to your gemstone or it will cause thermal shock.

Slowly heat and cool inside your banger.

We are not responsible for breakage due to improper care of the insert.

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Weight 0.200 oz

16*19mm, 14mm*16mm


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