Herb & Mary Smell Proof Accessories Storage Stash Case w/Integrated Combo Lock (Small)


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Herb & Mary small odor-proof, carrying case with double lock. Dreaming of date night on a patio somewhere? Grab your grab ‘n go with this perfect little companion.


  • 7″ x 4″ x 3.25″ with inside and outer pockets
  • One adjustable sectional divider
  • Professional carbon lining and mesh with PVC coating to lock in odor and freshness.
  • Not one, but two zipper-bolt locks that click into the zipper base and only release with your secret code.
  • Secure, rubber sealed zipper flap to keep your goods fresh.
  • Zipper breaking on you and leaking sweet smelling goods for everyone to know? Instant paranoïa! Herb & Mary have specifically designed these smell proof bags with TSA Luggage Quality Travel Grade Integrated Combo Locks with oversized zipper pullers for ease of use and utmost protection.
  • Smell Proof ? We’ve got you covered with multiple layers of Odor protection. Need to organize all your accessories? We’ve got it here too with different organization sizes and styles.
  • Forget those flower symbols, Herb & Mary bags have been specifically designed with you in mind for the trendy and sophisticated adult and parent by parents.

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