Halo Drippy Big Honeycomb Single Stack


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The Drippy Big Honeycomb Single Stack is Prism’s optimal set up if you want a high functioning piece with a large chamber to fill. This piece is beefy, but makes the hit milky smooth. The function is perfect due to two honeycomb percolators and a straight percolator fixed downstem below the honeycomb pairs that evenly distribute the smoke throughout the honeycomb percolators. This set up comes with a Drippy Grape Jolly Rancher Tall Mouthpiece, a Drippy Big Honeycomb Base, a clear 18mm bowl, and a Purple Halo connector. With our custom bong system, it’s easy to break it down for ease of cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and throwing in a backpack for an adventure.

– Thicknesses: 5mm

– Overall Height: 19.3″

– Tube Diameter: 2″ (mouthpiece) 2.5” (base)

– Bowl Joint: 18mm female

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Weight 1.780 oz


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