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  • Size:18*18mm       Price is for 1 Pc
  • Silicon Carbide Insert for 25mm Flat Top Quartz Bangers

  • Superior flavor and efficiency compared to every other available surface

  • Thermal Conductivity of 120 w/m/K, 80x greater than fused Quartz

  • Melting point of over 5,000°F

  • Totally chemically inert and thermal shock resistant

  • Made From USP Class VI Certified Medical Grade Material

  • Extreme Wear Resistance & Physical Durability

  • Easiest cleaning of any surface – Virtually impossible to “chazz”

  • Made to fit virtually all 24-25mm bangers, including but not limited to:

    Highly Educated Gavel
    Quave Club Flat Bangers
    Toro Grails
    Joel Halen
    Pukin Beagle
    Grass Lab Quartz
    Crystal Star / Cryptic Culture
    Mad Rob Quartz
    Evan Shore Bangers
    Eternal Quartz
    Various Imports

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